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Our Story

We facilitate the direct distribution of fresh agricultural and Fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs) from farmers and food processors to consumers.

We understand the importance of fresh produce in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and that is why we are committed to providing our customers with the freshest products at the most affordable rates.

Market Runs!

The marketplace can be time-consuming, stressful, and inconvenient. Why go through the stress of a typical everyday market?

We bring the market to you and save you time and money. Shop now!

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Our Services

Browse our extensive range of products today and experience the convenience of shopping for foodstuffs online.​

Local Trading

  • Source and supply
  • Sales of Agricultural products
  • Storage of Agricultural Commodities 

Agro Investment

Our Investment program is designed to give our customers opportunity to invest and earn from our Kola-nut export and Palm oil programs.

Foodstuff Export

  • Personalized shipping of foodstuff for Nigerians in diaspora
  • Processing, packaging and exporting of agricultural products to Canada, USA and other parts of the world

Training and Mentorship

Build business skills and digital literacy through comprehensive training programs and workshops.

Agric-business Consultancy

Our agricultural consultancy is designed to support established and growing farmers, as well as anyone in the agricultural business.

Agro Investments Programs

Kola-nut Export And Palm Oil Storage

Palm oil storage

We partner with you to source and buy Palm Oil from our over 300 members Palm Oil Farmers’ Cooperative.

  1. We store for you in our Insured central store.
  2. Sell your palm oil at your request or we sell for you at peak period to maximize your profit.
  3. Your profit plus capital is paid to your bank account.
Palm oil

Kola-nut Investment

Kola nut is a highly sought-after product in foreign countries because of its many usages both in industries such as pharmaceuticals, soft drinks, production of spices, and other items. 

We export to China alone for now, the investment period is between four to six months, you pay for five bags, and we sort dry and export.

Once it is sold we take 30% of the profit on sales, the exportation fee is shared on each bag exported.

Kola nut

Over 3,000 Successful Orders

Join our community of food lovers today and experience the convenience of shopping for gourmet foods from anywhere in the world!

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